Dear Customer,
Welcome to our new web shop.

We have built in many new features and sorting possibilities. So you can order now directly in the overview. If you need further informations or if you like to see more pictures and informations then just click on the product picture. You can also decide how many styles you would like to see on in one page and also in which way the styles are sorted. We recommend to show hundred styles per page.



Wortmann Team

Delivery Readiness

All orders which are reaching us till 14:00 we will send out the same day.

Please order only styles which are in stock.

Our stockpiles are adjusted every hour.

If you order from Germany your shipment will be free if the net order value is above 650 € and we will only charge half of the postal charges if you order from abroad.


If you have any questions the kindly contact us.

Phone: +49 4202 95510
Fax: +49 4202 955129